A Fond Farewell to The Rezzies

The Rezzie Awards have been a blast, and we hope you have all the found them as enjoyable as we have. In the beginning, we wanted to see if the SL public would embrace a simple, non-partisan nominating agenda without a lot of unnecessary hoopla, and you did! We had 4 awesome years, but like all good things, The Rezzies must come to an end, so 2017 is the final year.

We’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who has participated in the nominating and voting processes these past four years. Your support and enthusiasm for our little endeavor has been truly heartwarming.

We’d also like to thank the many event organizers who continue to invite and support home & garden, and full perm creators, great and small, old and new alike.

But most of all, we would like to thank the many builders and designers who continue to make Second Life a beautiful and comfortable second home to us all. Your passion, creativity, and dedication to your craft are most truly appreciated.

Congrats to all winners & nominees, and thanks to all who participated.

The Rezzie Awards Team:

Fallacy DeCuir
Grand Sorceress
Kat Alderson
Executive Minion



The 2017 Rezzie Award Winners!

The votes have been tallied! There was a total of 43 categories this year, not including our coveted SLifetime Achievement award. This award is a staff pick based on longevity, reputation, excellent customer service, friendliness, as well as contributions and commitment to the community above their own personal interests.

And as always, Kat and Fallacy disqualified themselves and their brands from all categories, to avoid any conflict of interest.

A hearty congratulations to all winners, and nominees!


Best Natural Formations:
Studio Skye – Alex Bader

Best Trees:
Hayabusa – Mitsuko Kytori

Best Grass / Flowers / Plants:
Heart Garden Center – Lilith Heart

Best Outdoor Structures:
Trompe Loeil – Cory Edo

Best Outdoor Decor:
Jian – Kalia Firelyte & Ashur Constantine

Best Living Rooms:
The Loft – Colleen Desmoulins

Best Dining Rooms:
Apple Fall – warehousefifteendesigns Resident

Best Kitchens:
La Galleria – Pamela Galli

Best Bathrooms:
LAQ – Winter DiPrima

Best Bedrooms:
Cheeky Pea – Isla Gealach

Best Multi-Purpose Furniture:
What Next – Winter Thorn

Best Decor:
What Next – Winter Thorn

Best Food & Drink:
What Next – Winter Thorn

Best Prefab Houses:
Trompe Loeil – Cory Edo

Best Commercial Prefabs:
Fanatik – Funatik Resident

Best Skyboxes:
Barnesworth Anubis – Barnesworth Anubis

Best Prefab Mansions & Castles:
Scarlet Creative – Charlotte Bartlett

Best Fantasy / Sci-Fi Items:
Half Deer – Halogen Magic

Best Historic / Gothic Items:
DRD – Morbid Deceit, Jaimy Hancroft, & Eowyn Swords

Best Urban Items:
Soy – Soyoy Resident

Best Modern / Contemporary Items:
Fancy Decor – Jake Vordun

Best Children’s Items:
Boogers – Zen Zarco

Best Autumn / Halloween Decor:
What Next – Winter Thorn

Best Christmas Decor:
Apple Fall – warehousefifteendesigns Resident

Best General Holiday Decor:
What Next – Winter Thorn

Best Sim Design:
Calas Galadhon

Best Customer Service in Home & Garden:
Trompe Loeil – Cory Edo


Best Full Perm PG Animations:
RNP – RohanaRaven Zerbino

Best Full Perm Adult Animations:
Abranimations – Abramelin Wolfe

Best Full Perm Organic Textures:
Studio Skye – Alex Bader

Best Full Perm Structural Textures:
Timeless Textures – Xzavia Yifu

Best Full Perm Fabric Textures:
Texture Me True – Gerard Tunwarm

Best Full Perm Wood Textures:
Fabric Lab – Cosette Winslet

Best Full Perm Genre Textures:
Kismet – Cierra Anatine

Best Full Perm Structural Meshes:
3D Republic – Anthonys Republic

Best Full Perm Landscaping Meshes:
Bad Katz – Katz Republic

Best Full Perm Outdoor Structure Meshes:
Mesh Nation – Twistia Twine

Best Full Perm Outdoor Decor Meshes:
Bad Katz – Katz Republic

Best Full Perm Indoor Decor Meshes:
Katy’s Kreations – Katy Dirkle

Best Full Perm Living / Multi Room Meshes:
Katy’s Kreations – Katy Dirkle

Best Full Perm Bed & Bath Meshes:
Katy’s Kreations – Katy Dirkle

Best Full Perm Kitchen / Dining Room Meshes:
3D Republic – Anthonys Republic

Best Customer Service in Full Perm:
Timeless Textures – Xzavia Yifu

SLifetime Achievement

Barnesworth Anubis

This year’s only SLifetime Achievement award is presented to Barnesworth Anubis – legendary builder, philanthropist, and community leader. Barnes, as he is known to his friends, first rezzed into our virtual world in 2004, and quickly made his mark on the grid. Like most of the truly great artists in SL, he bears the scars of some social dramas, but his greatness as a person becomes apparent in the forthright and humorous way he confronts “scandal.” More importantly, he’s been a generous supporter of non-profit fundraising.

It’s hard to find a residential area that doesn’t bear the mark of Barnes’ brand, [ba] barnesworth anubis. His homes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. He is truly a builder for the people.

Both the avatar and his brand are enduring and inspirational institutions, and we are grateful to his many contributions to the home and garden community.

You can follow Barnesworth Anubis’ SLife and work by following these links:

Main store

Nominations are now closed!


Nominations are now closed, and are being tallied!

Voting will start on Thursday, Sept. 14th. Check back here for a link to the voting ballot!

Thank you for casting your nominations! ^.^

Nominations are open for The 2017 Rezzie Awards!

It’s that time of year again – The 4th annual Rezzie Award nominations are officially open!

The Rezzie Awards are people’s choice awards for home, decor, landscaping, and creators tools, which help designers make Second Life such an amazing place!

Nominations will be open until September 12th. Once they are counted, the top 4 finalists will be posted in each category, and voting will commence. Winners will be announced on October 1st. Each winner will receive a customized trophy designed by Fallacy DeCuir.


Voting will begin on September 14th and end on September 27th. Be sure to check back here for the voting form, and the winners on October 1st!

Naturally, Fallacy DeCuir, Kat Alderson, and their respective brands are ineligible for awards.

Questions can be addressed to Fallacy DeCuir via IM. No notecards, please.

Be sure to tell your friends to cast their votes! Thank you so much for your consideration.

The Rezzie Awards Team:
Fallacy DeCuir, Grand Sorceress
Kat Alderson, Executive Minion