Sequel – New for Whimsical! Feb 18 – Mar 18


These diffusers have a misting effect that are toggled on & off by touch. They are available in lavender, patchouli, lemon, peppermint, rose and tea tree oils. There is also a fatpack available, with an exclusive sandalwood reed diffuser.

2 LI – Mod / Copy
L$75 each, or L$375 for the fatpack


Click HERE for a taxi!

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Sequel – New for Cosmopolitan! Dec 18 – Dec 30

Click HERE for a taxi!


Gingerbread, and Christmas Tree versions.

Both have a texture change wood base with light & dark tones.
Animated snowfall.
Plays “Deck the Halls” by clicking the globe.
L$99 each
3 LI  –  Mod / Copy

  • Also available in Mod / Transfer versions for gifting! Be sure to buy the RED vendor box!


Cosmopolitan Advent –
Be sure to grab all the stockings on the tree at the front!

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